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Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank - GTB

Account Number: 0011042643

Account Name:  Duru Julius E


Bank: Eco Bank Nigeria

Account Number: 3321005252

Account Name:  Duru Julius E

WebCabalSMS has a link to secured online payment channels. It enables customers process payments from your debit ATM cards while on the go.

We included this inorder to enhance your convenience in making payments to us for instant bulk sms. However, your ATM card needs to be configured by your bank for online transactions like ours. Most Nigerian banks operate internet banking, and you need to request that your ATM debit card be integrated on the platform.

You can as well make online transfer via internet banking web application. Banks like GTB will give you a token with which you can enroll properly for online payments. Ecobank also enrolls their customers for internet banking, and provide several secured authentication windows for your transactions online.

Online transfers to our accounts (Ecobank and GTB) does not cost our customers any extra charges. If however you own vogue pay account, you can as well use your account to pay to our vogue pay wallet.

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